•  Grass patches for dogs delivered straight to your door for as little as £25!
  •  Unlike 'soil-free' alternatives, the soil & grass together in Oui Oui Patches are a natural trigger for a dogs’ toileting instincts. 
  •  We offer additional dog toilet training tips & guides from our in-house trainer! 
  • Eliminates the need to walk alone at night or in bad weather.
  •  Toilet trains your puppy indoors before their vaccinations. 
  •  All natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  •  No cleaning!

SAVE 25%

Every Week

£25 charged weekly (2 charge minimum) Recommend for daily use & indoors. Add to cart

Every Two Weeks

£31.60 charged fortnightly (2 charge minimum) Add to cart

Every Four Weeks

£35.55 charged monthly (2 charge minimum) Add to cart

Oui Oui Patch - One Off Purchase

£37.50 no order minimum Add to cart

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