Potty training doesn't have to be a messy headache.

The Oui Oui Patch offers your pet a natural and instinctual potty experience. If you perhaps have a new puppy who should not go to the park due to incomplete vaccinations, the Oui Oui Patch will help them associate toilet time with grass, not your bathmat! Plastic pee pads are not only environmentally unfriendly, but they can also confuse our pets as they are often similar to other small rugs you might have. The Oui Oui Patch helps you avoid the hours of cleaning usually necessary when potty training, but is also 100% biodegradable and kinder to the planet. Give it a go, why not?

Here are our top tips:

Puppy indoor toilet training

Establish a Routine

If you have a crazy schedule or the weather is not on your side, taking daily walks to the nearest green-space might be tricky. As a result, your pet may not be used to having a specific allocated time to doing their potty business. Like babies, puppies do best on a regular schedule. The schedule teaches them that there are times to eat, times to play and times to do their business.

Try to encourage your pet to start a routine by placing them on the Oui Oui Patch in the morning, after meals, before bed, and so on, and use phrases such as "wee-wee", so that they start to build associations with time, sounds and location of when they should do their business. It might be necessary for you to use your FurBaby's lead to keep them on the patch. 

Puppy indoor toilet training

Positive Reinforcement 

We all have accidents and make mistakes, so why should we punish our FurBabies for doing the same? Dogs are very alert to our emotions, and while we shouldn't congratulate them for their accidents, we should be patient and calm to allow for learning.

When your puppy does their business in an undesirable location, quickly place them on or lead them to the Oui Oui PatchUse your chosen phrase to encourage association and leave them alone with the patch for a couple of minutes. If they keep stepping off the patch, you may need to keep them on a lead. Even though they have already relieved themselves, it's important for them to associate the patch with toilet time. The more we practice this, the faster they will learn.  When they eventually succeed, make sure they receive all the love and treats you can muster. 

Puppy indoor toilet training

When You Can't Supervise Your Puppy, Comfortably Confine

It's no surprise that your pup will learn faster when you are around, but when you can't be, make sure that you confine your puppy to a safe zone. We suggest cordoning off an area in your house that is tiled, free of electricals and other hazards and is big enough for their bed, water bowl, food, toys and Oui Oui Patch

While it is likely that your pet will experience an accident at first, after a while we are confident that your pet will associate the Oui Oui Patch as their pee-place of choice. 

Puppy indoor toilet training

Digging Dog?

If your dog likes a good dig in the park, chances are that they might be tempted to dig at the patch. Some breeds were created to be diggers, it's in their DNA and they just can't help the urge. Some dogs, however, dig as a behavioural response to anxiety, fear and excess energy. If this is the case, it is important to try find out what might be causing your pooch to act in this way. We are strong believers in restricting punishing your animals. Anger from you will not address the cause of the behaviour and will potentially worsen any digging thats motivated by fear or stress. 

If you find that your dog is digging at the Oui Oui Patch, try to discourage this by giving them something else to play with to keep them distracted. If this doesn't seem to help, you may want to consider creating a sort of digging den out of old towels and soft textiles. This would offer your pup a safe release for their digging instincts. 

We encourage that especially with new puppies, pawrents should discourage any form of play on the Oui Oui Patch. Creating the association of the patch with toileting ONLY, will discourage their need to dig or create a mess. You will also begin to identify certain cues your puppies make when they have excess energy and want to play or dig. In this case, when the dog attempts to play so on the Oui Oui Patch, a stern "no" should help them learn that this is not a toy to be played with. 

Ensure that your pet is receiving the right amount of dog exercise every day according to their breed. Different dog breeds require vastly difficult levels of daily activity, and it doesn’t always follow that a small dog needs less exercise! Your dog should be getting at least half an hour of outdoor activity every day. Increasing their level of exercise could help them to burn off the extra energy that they are spending on digging up holes in the patch.

Play with them using active toys (balls, flying disks) as often as possible. Teach your dog a few commands or tricks. Practice these every day for five to 10 minutes.

Take a training class with your dog and practice what you learn daily. Keep interesting toys in the yard to keep your dog busy when you're not around. Kong®-type toys filled with treats or busy-box dog toys work especially well. Rotate the toys to keep things interesting. 

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