Potty Train Your Apartment Pet in Days! 

Unlike soil-free solutions, the combination of soil & grass in Oui Oui Patches triggers a puppies natural instinct to go potty. Stress-free, all natural & eco-friendly. 

Piddle on the right patch. Piddle Patch Dragons Den
50+ trusted reviews & as featured in Vogue

Soil & Grass Together Trigger a Dogs Natural Instincts to Toilet. Plus, NO CLEANING ! 


Loads of Raving

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City Doggo customers are obsessed with how much their pets love their
grass patches.




Having struggled with my toy poodle puppy having accidents everywhere using disposable pads, these grass patches saved us all. We have a tiny London box garden with no grass and she was fully house trained within a week. Amazing!!




The patch is already a complete lifesaver, I can’t believe it. Puppy poncho has taken to it straight away, and it’s been so great not having to take him outside every 2 hours in the middle of the night. Especially as when he goes to the apartment gardens outside in the night he ends up getting quite excited because he’s sniffing around and so when he comes back to his crate, it was taking quite a while for him to fall back asleep. Last night though, I just popped him onto the patch, he would go straight away, and then fall asleep immediately once he was back in his crate. I actually got a good night sleep for the first time since we got him a week ago!


Toni, Eliot & Penny


Highlight of our Puppies Week!

We love our Oui Oui patches! It's such a good idea, and has made toilet training our new pup Penny in our flat so easy! She picked it up from the get go and it's been a dream. She also loves it when her new patch arrives, the highlight of her week! Would highly recommend.

House Training Puppies in
3 easy steps! 

All dog training requires consistency. But City Doggo's method with Oui Oui Patch makes it easier, convenient, and less taxing on pets.


Teach your pet how to use training bells in order to access the balcony. Open the balcony door and reward your pup with a treat.
Repeat this process until your puppy associates the sound of the bell with being let out to potty. 


Place your puppy on the Oui Oui Patch and say your chosen phrase, such as: "wee wee".
Wait a couple of minutes.
If no success initially, repeat after every nap or meal. You may need to use a leash to keep your puppy on the patch whilst training.


When your puppy has successfully used their patch, make sure to reward them with LOTS of treats, excited affirmations and play time. Repeat this process with every successful trip to the Oui Oui Patch until your puppy is able to go unaided. 

The Concept Behind
'Oui Oui Patch'

Toilet training your pet can be ruff, but it doesn't have to be. Oui Oui Patch is a speciality REAL grass pet toilet that makes potty training as easy as possible.
All dogs deserve the feeling of fresh grass beneath their paws, especially if they live in apartments without a backyard. Exposure to nature is not only beneficial for dogs' natural development, anxiety & mental stimulation, but soil and grass are natural triggers for dogs' toileting instincts. This makes Oui Oui Patch the obvious choice for potty training puppies

No backyard? No problem. Oui Oui Patch brings the park home.

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Quick & Easy Puppy Toilet
 Training Reimagined!

Top 3 reasons why everyone is switching to Oui Oui Patch


Easiest & Healthiest for Pets

Soil & grass together are natural triggers for a dogs’ toileting instincts, meaning half your training is already done for you. Plus sniffing natural grass is mentally enriching - like green bathing for pets!


Convenient & Safer for You 

Imagine a world where you don’t have to clean up after your pet every day! With Oui Oui Patch, just subscribe and replace when the grass dies. Plus, having a Patch at home means you don’t need to walk alone at night, in bad weather and can enjoy sleep-ins!  


Best for the environment 

Oui Oui Patch is the most eco-friendly pet potty available. The grass is sustainably grown in the UK, the water-resistant packaging is 100% biodegradable & DPD are the most eco-friendly large scale delivery service. 

The Story of City Doggo's
 Oui Oui Patches

Hey, I'm Laurencia!

I've had dogs all my life, but never in apartments until I moved to London. With a hectic work schedule, I'd have to take Tinkerbell to the park for her morning toilet break at 6am (half asleep & still dark outside).

Until I had my slapstick, Bridget Jones moment... 

Me, my outfit for work and Tinkerbell were all covered head-to-toe in mud. Not the start to the day any pup or pup parent wants! 

I created City Doggo to relieve the stress and anxiety (& mud!) for busy, metropolitan dog parents (like myself).

Not only did it make my life with Tinkerbell better, it also meant that house training Bambi took half the time and half the effort! 

So whether you’re a new pet owner or a veteran, welcome to an easier for you, and better for them, way to Pawrent.

xx Laurencia 

Some Of Our Favourite Customers
on their Oui Oui Patches

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Since launching, we have been overwhelmed with the support and love we have received from the pet-community. We can't wait for you to join the City Doggo club!  

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