We are chuffed to be working with breeders who are helping us revolutionize potty-training. Puppies who are reared on Oui Oui Patches will have no accidents when arriving at their forever homes, as they already associate grass with toilet-time! If you are a breeder interested in working with us, email or purchase our breeder package below.

Husbark and Woof

The Oui Oui Patch is a convenient and eco-friendly fix for your pet’s nature calls. Delivered to your door on a regular basis, give yourself peace of mind knowing your pet can go on what feels natural to them: fresh, wild meadow grass!
Instagram: @husbarkandwoof


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New Litter Toilet Training

£115 One off purchase 5x Oui Oui Patches, delivered weekly from when your pups are 3wks to 8wks Add to cart

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