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The Best Dog Toilet Solutions 2023 - Comparison

best indoor, balcony dog grass toilet

Oui Oui Patch - Real Grass & Soil Dog Toilet

Oui Oui Patch V's The Competition

If you're looking for an indoor, balcony, or portable dog (or cat!) toilet solution for your apartment pet, then you're probably wondering what the best option is! There are a few factors to consider, such as price, convenience, whether it's environmentally friendly, and which option your pet is most likely to take to the quickest.

Here we outline some of the most popular options on the market in 2023 with an overview of pros and cons to help you decide. 

The Four Most Popular Dog Toilet Solutions Are:

  • Pee Pads
  • Artificial Grass
  • No-Soil Grass Patch
  • Real Soil & Grass Oui Oui Patch

Did You Know?

For humans, pooping is not generally the time to lock eyes, but for dogs it's quite the opposite. In the wild, a defecating animal is vulnerable. By staring at you (a member of their pack) your dog is making sure that you're keeping watch for any potential baddies, and is watching your body language for signs of approaching danger.

So if your dog is staring at you, don't feel awkward. It means she trusts you!

Source: Huffpost

Lets look at the dog toilet solutions in more detail:

1. Pee Pads

puppy pee pads

Puppy pee pads have been the most common form of in-house toilet training for pet owners up until quite recently. Made of an absorbent material that can hold a lot of liquid, they are usually lined with a waterproof backing, they can also be scented to mask odours.


Relatively cheap. A pack of 100 pads currently costs £14.99.


You may have to double up on pads to make sure that urine doesn't leak through. Which means you'll go through more pads at a faster rate.

Facts About Puppy Pads:

1. If ripped up or chewed, puppy pee pads can become a choking hazard
2. They are usually made out of single use plastic
3. Puppy pee pads take up to 500 years to degrade
4. You can only use them once
5. Puppy pee pads are one of the leading causes of pollution by the pet industry
6. They can start to smell quickly and are messy to clean up
7. To a puppy they look exactly like your bath mat

2. Artificial Grass Dog Toilet

artificial grass dog toilet

Artificial grass alternatives can vary in price with the top of the line models such as Porch Potty having built-in sprinkler systems that automatically rinse the patch after each use; thay can also include a drainage system that allows urine to flow away from the grass. The product is made with high-quality materials but artificial grass is not biodegradable.


Buy once and use over and over again.


Messy to clean up, may harbour germs and odours.

Facts About Artificial Grass

1. Durability: Synthetic turf can withstand heavy conditions without becoming damaged

2. Consistent appearance: artificial grass usually maintains its vibrant color

3. Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP): These materials are commonly used to make artificial grass blades. While generally considered safe, some concerns exist regarding the potential release of volatile organic compounds

4. Infill materials: Artificial grass often requires infill materials like silica sand or rubber pellets to provide stability and cushioning.

5. Pets, particularly dogs, may be prone to ingesting infill materials used in artificial grass if the turf becomes damaged

3. Oui Oui Patch - Real Soil & Grass Patch

grass patch for dogs and cats, Oui Oui Patch

While soil-free solutions may have real grass too, it's the combination of soil and grass which triggers an innate doggy action: to go potty.

We tested it. Grass grown on 'recycled' textiles is far less likely to trigger this response than Oui Oui Patches, as there are fewer natural scents that your dog will recognise.

Our grass has the exact same qualities as the grass in the park or in your garden, without the nasty bacteria that other dogs and animals may spread in these areas. This means that by training your dog on Oui Oui Patch, you are allowing their transition to be flawless. It's the same stuff!

Soil and Grass Patches Last Longer: Our soil contains more particles of organic matter than 'recycled' textiles do, making them far more absorbent of both water and urine. This means that your Oui Oui Patch is able to retain more moisture, making it last longer if cared for correctly.

Soil Neutralises Odours Better than 'Recycled' Textiles do: If watered as frequently as we advise, the Oui Oui Patch will be less smelly than soil-free solutions. Of course the smell of the patch will always depend on the PH balance of your dog's urine and how often the patch is used. But as there is more of an absorbent natural base to the Oui Oui Patch grass than there is on soil-free alternatives, the patch will take longer to smell.

We Support Local Farmers: Our grass is grown by a family run farm in Gloucestershire who use the best soil and grass seed than can be found in the UK. Not in a warehouse intended to be sold as decoration. The farm is held to strict agricultural standards, meaning that it is grown with the care and safety of your family in mind.

By supporting City Doggo, you are supporting British agriculture and local farmers.


Scent triggering which makes it the best option for fast, effective puppy potty training.


Cost more than pee pads but is the more cost effective option in the long run.

Facts About Real Grass and Soil

1. Scent triggering, dogs take to it instinctively
2. Lasts Longer
3. Mentally enriching
4. Neutralises odours
5. Eco-friendly
6. Safe for your pet
7. Easy to dispose of
8. Supports local farmers

4. No-Soil Real Grass Patch

no soil grass toilet for dogs piddle patch

The typical root structure of no-soil grass patches.

No-soil grass patches look very similar to the Oui Oui Patch, the main difference being the root structure which doesn't contain any soil. Growing grass in this way is faster, and they're quite often grown in hydroponic greenhouses where water is pumped directly into the root structure. There are some environmental concerns with the amount of electricty needed to pump water, lights, and fans that allow for the growing process in hydroponic farms.


Real grass patch, that's available on subscriptions.


They don't contain soil which can be a natural trigger for a dog to go potty.

Facts About No-Soil Patches:

1. Energy consumption: Hydroponic grass systems require energy to power pumps, lights, and water circulation in some cases
2. Hydroponic systems rely on synthetic nutrients, which can have environmental consequences if not managed properly
3. No-soil options don't stay as fresh as real soil options
4. Dogs prefer soil to no-soil
5. Don't last as long as real soil patches

Overview Comparison

best dog toilet 2023 comparison chart


The best solution for dog owners will typically depend on: price, convienience, aesthetics, results, and environmental factors. Taking all of that into account we believe (okay we might be biased!) that Oui Oui Patch is the best all round option that delivers on all counts.

And with subscription options starting from £25.00 you may find that it offers the best value compared to the competition.

Best Dog Toilet 2023 - Winner: Oui Oui Patch 🏆

One-Off patches Available

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