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House Training For 8wk Old Puppies
House Training For 8wk Old Puppies

230+ trusted reviews

House training bundle for 8wk to 12wk old puppies 

Don't train your new puppy on pee pads, and then start the process again when they are allowed in the park at 12wks.
This bundle means you only have to train your puppy once.

  •  House train your puppy BEFORE they can go to the park!
    •  5x Oui Oui Patches, delivered over 5 weeks
    •  Perfect for puppy training between 8 and 12 weeks  
    •  One-off purchase, no subscription necessary!

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      8wk To 12wk Old Puppy Bundle

      Oui Oui Patch delivered weekly for 5 weeks

      Get your puppy training on REAL grass before their vaccinations are complete. Making the transition to the park a breeze!

      This bundle is perfect for those who just need Oui Oui Patch for the crucial weeks before their puppy can be taken outside after their vaccinations. 

      • Receive 5 patches in total
      • 1 patch delivered each week
      • One-off payment
      • Not a subscription

      The Benefits Of A 5 Week Bundle

      Vets recommend that that you avoid taking your puppy out in public until one week has passed from their second vaccination.

      So for those of us living in apartments, we are stuck with potty training our puppies on plastic pee pads which are terrible for the environment and don't help your pup to learn what substrate they should piddle on.

      Oui Oui Patch offers your puppy the solution of having real grass delivered to them, free of any bacteria they would pick up in the park. It also means that once your puppy is old enough to venture outdoors, they will already be potty trained on real grass!

      The Bundle is Perfect For: 

      • People without a garden
      • Young pups who haven't been vaccinated yet
      • People who want to train their pup on grass
      • People who want to buy a one-off purchase
      • People who are eco-conscious
      • People who want an alternative to pee pads
      • Avoiding accidents around the house
      • Saving time and avoiding hourly walks

      See What Customers Say...

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Michelle H

      Good stuff to potty train a puppy

      Dawn Hourigan

      Great solution to indoor potty training . Took a few days to get the used to the Grass but then we were flying . Initially my pup would just roll around and chew the box and grass but I sprayed some keep off spray and that solved it


      Having struggled with my toy poodle puppy having accidents everywhere using disposable pads, these grass patches saved us all. We have a tiny London box garden with no grass and she was fully house trained within a week. Amazing!!

      Bertha Gonzalez

      I have to tell you that my Lola, my puppy and I are extremely happy with The Patch!!
      Today we received our second order and the grass is beautifully green and fresh and
      even Lola took a nap there before using it.!

      You have a great product and a loyal client in Lola and me.



      I put the citydoggo flower-power grass out for my beautiful Babies (dash hounds) to use.
      At first, they hesitated to go wee on it, but now they go without me even noticing.
      Thanks so much what a lovely solution to my dog toileting Problem.__

      Oui Oui Patch

      The #1 Real Soil And Grass Patch

      Patch Size

      The patch measures  66 x 56 x 5cm. Perfect for an apartment or balcony.

      The Grass

      Made from real grass, the soil structure naturally neutralises urine odours whilst also extending the life of the patch. Dense grass also prevents your pets paws from getting muddy.  


      Free UK delivery (mainland UK) On all patches. Orders are sent out each Monday & Wednesday for arrival the next day. Make sure you put in your mobile number to receive your 1hr delivery slot from DPD


      The combined scent of soil & grass in Oui Oui Patch triggers a dog's natural instinct to go potty.

      Eco Friendly

      Sustainably produced on a family run farm in Gloucestershire, our grass patches are 100% natural and biodegradable. 

      Best Value

      Cheaper than our competitors! We also offer subscribe and save to help you save money over a longer period of time if you choose to keep using the patch after the first 5 weeks.

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      Toilet Training DOESN'T have to be 'Ruff'

      All dog training requires consistency. But City Doggo's method with Oui Oui Patch makes it easier, convenient, and less taxing on pets.


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