House Training For 8wk Old Puppies
House Training For 8wk Old Puppies

House training bundle for 8wk to 12wk old puppies 

Don't train your new puppy on pee pads, and then start the process again when they are allowed in the park at 12wks.

Instead, get a Oui Oui Patch delivered weekly for 5 weeks so puppies are trained on REAL grass before their vaccinations are complete. Just like that, the transition to the park is easy as pie!

  •  House train your puppy BEFORE they can go to the park!
    •  5x Oui Oui Patches, delivered over 5 weeks
    •  Perfect for puppy training between 8 and 12 weeks  
    •  One-off purchase, no subscription necessary!

      Loads of Raving

      City Doggo customers are obsessed with how much their pets love their
      grass patches.

      House Training Puppies in
      3 easy steps! 

      All dog training requires consistency. But City Doggo's method with Oui Oui Patch makes it easier, convenient, and less taxing on pets.

      STEP #1

      Teach your pet how to use training bells in order to access the balcony. Open the balcony door and reward your pup with a treat.
      Repeat this process until your puppy associates the sound of the bell with being let out to potty. 

      STEP #2

      Place your puppy on the Oui Oui Patch and say your chosen phrase, such as: "wee wee".
      Wait a couple of minutes.
      If no success initially, repeat after every nap or meal. You may need to use a leash to keep your puppy on the patch whilst training.

      STEP #3

      When your puppy has successfully used their patch, make sure to reward them with LOTS of treats, excited affirmations and play time. Repeat this process with every successful trip to the Oui Oui Patch until your puppy is able to go unaided. 

      Toilet Training DOESN'T have to be 'Ruff'

      The Oui Oui Patch is the easiest solution to puppy toilet training

       #1 Eco-Friendly Pet Potty Solution

      Oui oui patch product comparison chart

      Get the secret to house training dogs today

      Oui Oui Patch FAQs

      Oui Oui Patch is a speciality REAL grass pet toilet that makes pup potty training as easy, eco-friendly & clean as possible.

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