Why does dog pee kill grass?

Of course having a dog as part of your family is more important than how your lawn looks, however one of the reasons some of our customers buy Oui Oui Patches is so that their dog has a dedicated spot to pee on without ruining their lawn. Can we blame them? Not really.

Being in the business of turf, we know how difficult it can be to find the perfect supplier! If you have just laid down a new lawn in your garden, and your dog’s pee is destroying the grass and making it brown, Oui Oui Patch can help!


 fresh grass for dogs

Why does dog wee kill grass?

Dog wee contains a high percentage of Nitrogen, which will of course cause grass to turn brown.

Whilst nitrogen is usually a good thing to apply to your lawn and can benefit the grass and act as a fertilising agent, if not diluted with water it will scorch and burn your lawn.

Does the image below look like your lawn with brown patches?


How to stop your dog’s pee from killing the lawn


dog wee killing grass



-          Buy a Oui Oui Patch subscription: Its fresh grass, just the same as it would be in your garden! If you keep your Oui Oui Patch in one spot, and encourage its use through the training tips on our blog post: Potty Training Like a Pro, your dog will end up associating this spot as their wee spot   We promote positive reward based training techniques.

-          Go for walkies first thing! A dogs' wee first thing in the morning is at its potent. 

-          Water the grass immediately after they have peed: this will help lessen the effect of the urine burns on grass.

-          Keep your dog well hydrated: If your dogs wee seems yellower than normal, they may not be drinking enough water. Make sure your dogs’ water bowl is ALWAYS half full. Especially in the summer. Pee with lots of ammonia will kill grass.

-          ‘Dog rocks’: If you’re considering a product which claims to reduce the effect of your dogs pee on the grass such as dog rocks and supplements, we’d recommend consulting your vet first. Be sure to read the reviews and avoid anything that will change your dog’s natural pH or give them an upset stomach.

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