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Oui Oui Patch
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How often should I replace the patch?

How to maintain the freshness of your patch

Where should I keep my patch?

How to manage your City Doggo account

How Often Should I Replace The Patch?

The patch will ordinarily last up to a month, however this will of course depend on multiple factors which are unique to each dog and household.

The most popular Oui Oui Patch subscription is the weekly subscription, and is perfect for almost all scenarios. The ideal subscription for you depends on:

  • Frequency of use
  • Age of your dog
  • Breed/size of your dog
  • Patch care

Frequency of use

If the patch is to be used for all toileting, the patch should be replaced weekly to ensure that your pet has access to the freshest grass possible.

If the patch is only supplementary - or for the odd evening walk, you should be fine with a bi-weekly or monthly subscription.

Age of your dog

Puppies who will be using the patch for all toileting will need a weekly subscription to make sure their grass is always as fresh as possible!

Older doggos who have trouble holding their bladder may also benefit from a weekly - biweekly subscription.

Breed / Size of your dog

For small pets like Dachshunds, French Bulldogs and cats, we recommend replacing your Oui Oui Patch every 2 weeks.

For medium to large pets, we recommend replacing your Oui Oui Patch weekly, (this is our most popular subscription).

Monthly patches are for tiny pets or those who will be using the patch infrequently.

Patch care

If your patch is opened on the day of delivery, and frequently watered after each piddle, your patch will last up to a month. For best shelf-life, make sure your pet is well hydrated, and the patch is kept out of direct rain. The rain will cause the patch to be waterlogged and will eventually cause the box to break down and the patch to smell.

How To Maintain The Freshness Of Your Patch

dog using grass dog toilet

Depending on how frequently you decide to replace your Oui Oui Patch, there are ways that you can make sure the patch maintains its freshness until your next order arrives.

While we guarantee a quality product, as with all things natural, no patch will be exactly the same. Some patches may be more moist or heavier than others depending on how much rain there has been before the grass is harvested.

  • Place the lid below the base of the box
  • Give the patch a spray of water as soon as it arrives an every morning
  • For best results spray the patch after your pet has had a wee
  • Pick up any poop from the patch with your compostable poo bags
  • Keep your patch in indirect sunlight and make sure the soil is moist throughout its use

If your dog is a digger, they might have trouble getting used to the patch. Head to the blog article linked at the bottom of this page for tips on how to prevent your dog from digging. 

Where Should I Keep My Patch?

Whether you live in a terraced house, flat or apartment - many of us city folk have welcomed our four legged friends into our homes. This means that of the 12.5 million dogs in the UK, most are without access to acres of fresh lawn on their doorsteps. 

Oui Oui Patch on your patio or terrace

dog using patch on a patio

Yes! Your Oui Oui Patch can be kept on your terrace or patio, especially if it's paved. Some customers with gardens even keep their Oui Oui Patch on their decking or porch so that their lawns aren't ruined by their dog's urine.

Oui Oui Patch on a tiled floor, indoors

dog using grass patch on tiled floor

The water-resistant box will protect your floor, but we do recommend that the patch be kept in a tiled area in case of any accidents! Our wooden tray will help you reduce any mess, and will offer a more attractive solution to keep your home looking gorgeous.

Oui Oui Patch on your City balcony

grass dog toilet on a balcony

Your city balcony is the IDEAL spot for a Oui Oui Patch - especially if the balcony is covered. This means that your apartment pet has 24hr access to fresh grass even if you live on the top floor!

If your balcony is not covered, we would suggest keeping it under an outdoor table, or in a tent-pod.

Oui Oui Patch in your puppy play pen

dog using grass dog toilet in puppy play pen

Oui Oui Patch can of course be kept indoors in your play pen. We generally recommend that the patch be kept separate from your pup at first - so that they begin to build an association with toileting only. This means that if you keep the patch within your puppy's pen, make sure that it is in a separate area to where they eat and play.

How to manage your City Doggo Account

Creating an account

Our customers are able change their schedules, subscriptions, card details, address and more whenever they like through their account login.

You can also add discounts to an already existing subscription! Below shows a break down of how to manage your account:

How to activate your account screenshot
How to change or cancel your account screenshot

Can't get into your account?

Make sure you have clicked the "Activate my Account" button on the account activation email. This will verify your email address. If the link doesn't work, it may be expired. Send us an email and we will resend the activation link.

Don't Have Oui Oui Patch Yet?

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