Cat Grass: Why does my cat eat grass?

Why does my cat eat grass?

Short answer? Because they love it. Long answer? There are many theories as to why cats love eating grass and the majority of these show that while its nutritionally beneficial for a cat to include grass in their diet, they also seem to enjoy the taste. But as we all know as cat lovers, there is no fussier animal! One cat may love one strain of grass, and loathe another. It’s all part of the charm of being a cat parent!

Most cats are indoor pets, and when they live in high-rise apartments or the big city, cats often have very little access to fresh grass. Indoor grass for cats is a great way to help them feel a little more connected to the outdoors, while still offering them a nutritious snack.

Cat grass plants are becoming very popular, but why do cats like eating grass?

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Why is my cat eating grass?

The most common theory is that grass offers a sort of laxative effect for cats. Grass is full of nutrients and soluble fibre – this aids cats’ digestion, and gives them the ruffage necessary for healthy elimination.

Grass is full of natural nutrients which are important to keep cats healthy. Grass can be an excellent source of protein, fibre and natural vitamins which are often lacking in standard pet food. Wheatgrass in particular is very high in amino acids, which are vital for the development of proteins in your cat’s body.

They love the taste! It may seem strange to us but cats really do enjoy a good grassy snack but as we know, cats are notoriously picky and your floof may enjoy just one strain of cat grass.

Some theories show that some cats who eat grass do so as a means to help with tummy issues or sickness. If they are constipated, or have a particularly big hairball, some cats will enjoy a nibble on grass to help get rid of it. The grass will stick with the hairs and make it easier to dislodge the hairball – however unpleasant.

The same goes for inducing vomiting, which eating a lot of grass at a time will help with if your cat is feeling ill.

indoor grass for cats

What is cat grass?

Cat grass is the term given to a few different strains of grass which can either be grown at home or bought as a snack for your cat. Its not the same as catmint, or catnip – which have completely different functions, cat grass is grown specifically to eat.

The most common strains of grass used in cat grass kits are wheat, oat, rye and barley. These are the most nutrient rich strains of grasses that cats enjoy.

Is cat grass safe?

Of course! Cats need to have enough fibre in their diet to maintain a healthy gut. Therefore, eating grass is completely safe for your cat.


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