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  • Doga, anyone?

    Ever tried meditating with your dog? Seem weird? We promise, it's a thing! It's called Doga.
  • Poisons and Pets: Key Information

    We love our pets more than life itself and are always worried about their health and well-being. We know the kinds of snacks that are healthy, we know that we need to keep them active, but do we know what we need to do when theres an emergency?
  • Keeping up with Zoomies and Zoom Calls

    With a new lockdown enforced, our hopes of a social January slashed, and our general happiness not up to scratch, there are still things that we ...

    Potty training doesn't have to be a messy headache! The Oui Oui Patch offers your pet a natural and instinctual potty experience. If you perhaps have a new puppy who should not go to the park due to incomplete vaccinations, the Oui Oui Patch will help them associate toilet time with grass, not your bathmat! 
  • Oui Oui Patch Maintenance

    How to maintain the freshness of your Oui Oui Patch. 

    Depending on how frequently you decide to replace your Oui Oui Patch, there are ways that you can make sure the patch maintains its freshness until your next order arrives. 

  • Rained-In With Your Pets? We've Got you Covered.

    If you, like us, live in a country that is often rainy and cold, then we have a few ideas for how you and your pets can have fun together, indoors. How do movies, baking, photoshoots and Blanket forts sound? 

  • Our Favourite Pet Product: The KONG Wobbler

    A snack dispensing workout toy? Our only question is… where is the human version? Pretzel dispensing dumbbell? Licorice Allsort climbing wall? We think KONG’s onto something here.
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