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Palm Tree Leg Lifter
Palm Tree Leg Lifter
Palm Tree Leg Lifter
Palm Tree Leg Lifter

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Palm Tree Leg Lifter

For pups that can't resist lifting a leg, our cheeky targets will make sure they hit the spot! Also helps with training pups that need a little extra incentive through scent marking.

  •  Makes potty training faster with scent marking   
  •  Improves the aim of male and female dogs to protects your floors/balconies
  •  Re-useable & Durable
  •  16cm Tall 



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Get Your Dogs Aim On Target 🎯

Benefits Of Leg Lifters For Dogs

Leg Lifters allow you to scent train pups to increase the speed of training. They also help improve the aim of your dog by providing them with a target.  

Palm Tree Leg Lifter:

  • Size: 14cm in height
  • Feature: Pet-safe & hollow. Fill with sand or soil, then dab some of your pets urine to encourage the training process. This is called scent triggering.
  • Benefit for Male Dogs: Improves your pets aim. For male dogs who lift their legs, it protects balcony walls by helping them to "aim" at the leg lifter.  
  • Benefit for Lady Dogs: Protects your floor from half on the patch/half off the patch Oui Ouis. For female dogs, leg lifters encourage them to be fully on the patch before 'going', preventing any urine from going down the sides of the patch and seeping underneath.
palm tree leg lifter
Image that shows how leg lifters work

For the fire hydrant leg lifter click Here


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