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a MUST for puppy toilet training! 

✓ Absorbs liquids and controls odours naturally
✓ Easy maintenance and no cleaning
✓ All natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly
✓ More comfortable for your pet than holding their bladder


Bring the park, home!

City Doggo's Oui Oui Patch is a REAL grass pet toilet for your flat or balcony.

It's both eco-friendly and intuitive for pets, making it a MUST for toilet training. It's also the perfect alternative to walks in bad weather, when you are Covid isolating or having a sleep in.

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It's simple, dogs love our grass!

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    THE BEST CHOICE: Oui Oui Patch

  • Instinctual, natural and comfortable solution for dogs, cats and bunnies.

  • The living grass absorbs liquids and controls odours naturally, turning puppy potty training into a cleaner, more hassle-free process than ever.

  • Cleaning and maintenance free - the entire unit is fully disposable.

  • Access to fresh grass is proven to help with anxiety.

  • 100% biodegradable. The ZERO WASTE options for pets.

  • The planet and your FurBaby will thank you!

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  • Fake Grass

    Constantly smelly and hard to clean. And, most scarily, Individual blades (and microplastics) of fake grass can tear off and become ingested by animals."

  • Pee Pads

    Taking up to 500 years to degrade in landfills, pee pads are made from non-recyclable plastic and need to be replaced daily. On top of this, they can be toxic if ingested, and are a significant choking hazard. This is the worst possible option for our planet and our pets.

  • Kitty Litter

    Commonly used clay-based kitty litter is non-recyclable and is acquired through strip-mining, one of the worst forms of environmental exploitation.

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