Why is Soil Important for Dogs?

Unlike similar soil-free solutions, Oui Oui Patches are proudly grown on rich British soil. Here's why:

Soil is Necessary to Trigger a Dog's Potty Instincts

While soil-free solutions may have real grass too, its the combination of soil and grass which triggers an innate doggy action: to go potty. 

This makes the training far easier, as half of the work is already done. 

We tested it. Grass grown on 'recycled' textiles is far less likely to trigger this response than Oui Oui Patches, as there are fewer natural scents that your dog will recognise. 

Our grass has the exact same qualities as the grass in the park or in your garden, without the nasty bacteria that other dogs and animals may spread in these areas. This means that by training your dog on Oui Oui Patch, you are allowing their transition to be flawless. It's the same stuff! 

Soil and Grass Patches Last Longer 

Our soil contains more particles of organic matter than 'recycled' textiles do, making them far more absorbent of both water and urine. 

This means that your Oui Oui Patch is able to retain more moisture, making it last  longer if cared for correctly. 

Soil Neutralises Odours Better than 'Recycled' Textiles do 

If watered as frequently as we advise, the Oui Oui Patch will be less smelly than soil-free solutions. Of course the smell of the patch will always depend on the PH balance of your dog's urine and how often the patch is used. But as there is more of an absorbent natural base to the Oui Oui Patch grass than there is on soil-free alternatives, the patch will take longer to smell.

When it starts to smell, it means that your dog has used the patch too often and it is time for a replacement. 

We Support Local Farmers

Our grass is grown by a family run farm in Gloucestershire who use the best soil and grass seed than can be found in the UK. Not in a warehouse intended to be sold as decoration. The farm is held to strict agricultural standards, meaning that it is grown with the care and safety of your family in mind. 

By supporting City Doggo, you are supporting British agriculture and local farmers. 

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