Why Do Rabbits Love Grass?

Bunny rabbits deserve the feeling of fresh grass under their feet too, regardless of whether they live on a farm or in a flat. 

grass mat for bunnies

For Natural Enrichment 

Grass offers bunnies vital natural stimulation, especially if they are reared in our homes and apartment buildings.

With Oui Oui Patch, they can feel as though they can roam freely on a wild meadow, something that not many indoor rabbits have the privilege to do. Studies show that exposure to nature is one sure way to reduce any stress that may be affecting your bunny rabbit. Oui Oui Patch is perfect for this, as it can be used as their natural grass bed to sleep on, play on and feel more connected to the earth while indoors. A real grass mat for bunnies!


To Eat

Can bunnies eat fresh grass?

Making sure that your bunny has access to farm fresh grass to diversify their hay diet is super important to maintain their tummy health. Rabbits need their diet to consist of a diverse range of yummy foods. Vets say that a bunny's diet needs to be 70% hay, and the rest can be a mixture of raw vegetables like carrots and radishes, as well as fresh grass.

Make sure not to feed your bunny grass which has been through the lawn-mower, as this grass has gone through a fermentation process and can upset your bunny's tummy. 

The best grasses for bunnies are: 

1. Bunny hay - dried, purpose grown oat, wheat and rye grass for bunnies. You can also put this in a bunny hay feeder. 

2. Wheat grass - high in protein and amino acids

3. Fresh grass - oat, wheat and rye grass 

4. Fresh or dried alfalfa sprouts 

4. Remember, that dried "bunny tail grass", which are popular as decoration, are not intended to rabbits to eat! They just look like little fluffy tails, they are not bunny grass!


rabbit grass diet hay fresh grass


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