Where Should I Keep my Dog Grass Patch?

Where should I keep my Oui Oui ( Patch?

Whether you live in a terraced house, flat or apartment - many of us city folk have welcomed four legged friends into our homes. This means that of the 12.5 million dogs in the UK, most are without access to acres of fresh lawn on their doorsteps. We have come up with a solution to this problem! The Oui Oui Patch. 

Oui Oui Patch aims to give every dog the ability to do all their toileting naturally: on grass

So where should I keep my Oui Oui Patch? 

Oui Oui Patch on your patio or terrace 

dog toilet for patio
Yes! Your Oui Oui Patch can be kept on your terrace or patio, especially if it is paved. Some customers with gardens even keep their Oui Oui Patch on their decking or porch so that their lawns aren't ruined by their dog's urine. 


Oui Oui Patch on a tiled floor, indoors

Oui oui Patch on a tiled floor
Oui Oui Patch real grass pet toilets can be used indoors too!
The water-resistant box will protect your floor, but we do recommend that the patch be kept in a tiled area in case of any accidents! 
Our wooden tray (DUE TO BE RELEASED SOON) will help you reduce any mess, and will offer a more attractive solution to suit your gorgeous home. 

Oui Oui Patch on your city balcony 

Oui Oui Patch on a balcony

Your city balcony is the IDEAL spot for a Oui Oui Patch - especially if the balcony is covered. This means that your apartment pet has 24hr access to fresh grass even if you live on the top floor! 

If your balcony is not covered, we would suggest keeping it under an outdoor table, or in a tent-pod. 

Oui Oui Patch in your puppy play pen 

Dog toilet for puppy pen
Oui Oui Patch can of course be kept indoors in your play pen. We generally recommend that the patch be kept separate from your pup at first - so that they begin to build an association with toileting only. This means that if you keep the patch within your puppy's pen, make sure that it is in a separate area to where they eat and play. 

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