What to do if your dog has a runny stomach



Our precious furbabies' bellies are sensitive. Especially when they are puppies! The Oui Oui Patch will help your dog if they are in discomfort due to diarrhoea, and while you are troubleshooting what the cause may be with your vet. This is because the Oui Oui Patch is not contaminated with any bacteria from other dogs or animals, and will therefore not exacerbate the issue. Also, this means that as your dog will need to be making a lot more trips to the closest grass patch, having their very own at home will help them not have any accidents, and will help you by not having to clean your carpets daily! Here are a list of common reason why you dog may have diarrhoea: 


Puppies are known to regularly have runny poos because their diet is not full of the fibre that is necessary for solid stools. Most of the time this is nothing to worry about, as you are no doubt only giving your puppy the food that is recommended for their age group. If you are worried that your dog is dehydrated, make sure that you visit your vet immediately. 


As a dog owner you will know that dogs can pick up bacteria in almost all outdoor environments, and it is important that we are deworming our dogs at least every three months. Discuss with your vet how often your dogs’ breed should be dewormed. Especially if they are experiencing chronic diarrhoea. 

  • DIET: 

Your dog’s diet may not be agreeing with their tummy, causing their stools to become runny and yellow in colour. We definitely recommend discussing this with your vet in case there are any allergies in the food you are giving your pup that can be avoided. Make sure that your dog’s diet contains a healthy amount of fibre, but not too much as this could interfere with your dogs’ nutrient absorption. Again we would stress that this is something to raise with your veterinarian - and make sure that any dietary changes are introduced slowly and with care. 


We are big culprits in falling prey to puppy eyes while our dogs are begging for food. It’s very hard to say no to such a gorgeous face. But we implore you to reconsider over feeding your dog as this could lead to an upset stomach and obesity (resulting in much more serious health issues). It’s not about your dog not looking “fat”. It is fundamentally to keep them healthy. Try your best to avoid the temptation to treat your dog too often, most of the time they are wanting attention and playing with your dog will distract them. 


Your dog’s diet may not contain enough probiotics. Probiotics are necessary to maintain a healthy gut - just like us humans. Make sure you speak to your vet if you think this is the case, and they will be able to recommend safe pro-biotic supplements for your pup. 


Yup. This can be a cause too, just like how movement for your dog will help with their constipation. It is a balancing act, but can be avoided. 

Similar to the common “runners trots” in humans, where a sudden increase in exercise can result in runny poos as a reaction to movement. We don’t recommend stopping the exercise, just make sure that your dogs’ exercise is not too much for them, and is spread out healthily throughout the week. If you know that you are taking the dog in a long walk/run in Epping forest, for example, make sure that your pup has built up a fitness to be able to handle a long walk. 

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