Potty Training Like a Pro: Comfortable Confinement for Puppies

Crate training dog

When You Can't Supervise Your Puppy, Comfortably Confine

While it is likely that your pet will experience an accident at first, after a while we are confident that your pet will associate the Oui Oui Patch as their pee-place of choice. 


It's no surprise that your pup will learn faster when you are around, but when you can't be, make sure that you confine your puppy to a safe zone. This can be in the form of:


  • A large, safe and comfortable crate, with separated areas for sleeping, playing and the Oui Oui Patch. 
  • We suggest cordoning off an area in your house that is tiled, free of electricals and other hazards and is big enough for their bed, water bowl, food, toys and Oui Oui Patch

Many find crate training and confinement in general a cruel practice - and we will never try convince anyone otherwise. However, crate training has been proven to offer your pet a sense of security when they first arrive at their forever home. 

Always consult your vet and trainer for the best advice based on the breed of your dog. 

Please note that: 

    • Dogs should never be kept in their crate for extended periods of time.
    • It is very important to make sure your crate is the right size for your pet.
    • If your Oui Oui Patch will be kept in your crate, make sure that it is cordoned off away from toys and your pets' food. 

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