Our Favourite Pet Product: The KONG Wobbler

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While pets aren’t typically materialistic, there are products that have been designed especially for our furry friends which we think that your pets will LOVE. While the pet toy market is saturated with plastic bones and other trivial and silly things, we prefer toys that are mentally stimulating as well as being fun. We asked our queen Tinkerbell for her opinion on this topic and she unequivocally stated that the KONG Wobbler™  was “woof, woof woof” (loosely translated as: “an absolutely wonderful and thought provoking snack machine”). We would suggest taking her expert advice on this one. 


So, every party has a pooper, and while it's no fault of KONG’s, lazier pets with more energetic siblings seem to have cracked the wobbler code. While Tinkerbell is the beauty of the family, she is also the brains (unfair? We know). She has discovered that her energetic sister, Bambi, enjoys the action of rolling the wobbler and is therefore distracted when the treats fall out. Tinkerbell then swoops in and hoovers the treats before her sister has had a chance to notice them. While we realise that this is not a fair result for Bambi, we can hardly discourage Tinkerbell from being an analytical boss. Also, how can you reprimand the prettiest girl in the world?


The KONG Wobbler™  is both a toy and food dispenser. It’s ingenious design encourages mental stimulation by releasing treats after being nudged/rolled by your pet. The entertaining and unpredictable movements of the Wobbler after it has been nudged by your dog engages their instinct to work for their food. In practical terms, it’s a winner too. The Wobbler unscrews for convenient filling and cleaning, and is dishwasher safe.  

We love using the KONG Wobbler™ as an entertaining alternative to a dog bowl. While doggies usually eat their meals in haste, we believe that, like humans, rushing meals is harmful to one’s metabolic system. As a result, the KONG Wobbler is a great way to stretch-out meal time and make them more rewarding and mentally stimulating. For pups with a bit of extra weight, the Wobbler is a great way to encourage movement and engagement in mealtimes.  

A snack dispensing workout toy? Our only question is… where is the human version? Pretzel dispensing dumbbell? Licorice Allsort climbing wall? We think KONG’s onto something here.



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