Oui Oui Patch Maintenance

How to maintain the freshness of your Oui Oui Patch

We really appreciate trying our our Oui Oui Patch for the first time. Depending on how frequently you decide to replace your Oui Oui Patch, there are ways that you can make sure the patch maintains its freshness until your next order arrives. 

While we guarantee a quality product, as with all things natural, no patch will be exactly the same. Some patches may be more moist or heavier than others depending on how much rain there has been before the grass is harvested.  

Oui Oui patch maintenance

  • When your Oui Oui Patch arrives, open it up and place the cardboard lid underneath the base.

  • Its vital that you keep the soil moist

  • We suggest spraying your patch each morning with a spray bottle to give it the best shelf life.

  • Make sure to never pour water directly onto the patch as this will make the cardboard soggy.

  • We recommend that you keep the grass in a space where it receives a bit of sunlight.

  • We also recommend picking up any doggie poops just as you would in the park.

  • If your dog is a digger, they might have trouble getting used to the patch. Head to the City Bloggo for tips on how to stop your dogs digging up the patch. Keep your Oui Oui Patch in the same location to maintain consistency in your potty training.


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