Why My Dog Keeps Pooping In The Flat!

Is there anything worse than coming home after a hard day at work and finding a poop or piddle waiting for you on your carpet? As dog owners we are sure that you have been there at least once. There are ways to avoid this!

Even the most well-behaved pups can have accidents around the house, and its important to find out whether this is due to a medical or emotional issue, or if there have been changes to your dogs diet or routine. 

Medical causes are generally only the case if you notice a marked change in the colour/solidity of your pup's poops, as well as if you notice them pooping more often than ever before. ALWAYS consult your vet before jumping to conclusions. 

Most common reasons why your dog has been weeing or pooing inside your home:

Changes to their routine 

Perhaps you have been working longer hours lately and your dog's daily walk is a bit later than usual. Or you have changed their dinner time to earlier in the day, and therefore your pup's bowels are adjusting to this new schedule. These could be reasons why your dog is urinating or pooing in the house. 

Dogs and puppies do best on a regular schedule. The schedule teaches them that there are times to eat, times to play and times to do their business.

  1. Firstly, make sure your puppy can only access the Oui Oui Patch under your supervision. Perhaps by closing the door the balcony or cordoning it off. Then when it’s time for their toileting, bring them to the Oui Oui Patch This will not only create an association with time and toileting, but also WHERE this action is to take place.If your pup is just starting out with their house-training, this step will be important for building the connection between the command word and the expected behaviour
  2. Try to encourage your pet to start a routine by placing them on the Oui Oui Patch in the morning, after meals, before bed, and so on, and use phrases such as "wee-wee", so that they start to build associations with time, sounds and location of when they should do their business. It might be necessary for you to use your FurBaby's lead to keep them on the patch
  3. Understanding and interpreting your pup's cues, such as sniffing, circling, barking or scratching, can help you to anticipate when nature is calling. 


If your pup is getting a bit old, they may be less able to hold in their bladder and have less control over their bowels. This is largely unavoidable, but having a Oui Oui Patch will help tremendously by offering your dog a safe space to do their business at all times of the day. A more serious cause could be that your elderly dog suffers from canine degenerative myelopathy which can lead to incontinence. Always check with your vet if you suspect an illness. 


Emotional Causes 

Your dog may be stressed or suffering from separation anxiety. If you notice your dog's behaviour has changed recently; for example they are barking or whining more than usual, or they are pacing or shaking, they may be stressed!  IF YOU

Your dog may have been scare by loud noises too, have there been building works going on next door? This could have triggered your dog to get a fright and cause them to be stressed. 

Your Dog Doesn't Know How to Ask to Go Outside:

It could be that your dog has not been trained and they need a bit of help. This is especially the case if your dog has recently been adopted - they may need some time to adjust! 

We would recommend trying to use potty training bells which would help your dog alert you to when they would like to be let out. Especially if your dog does not have constant access to their Oui Oui Patch. 

Have a look at our training series for more information here. 

What can you do to stop your dog pooping inside?

Oui Oui Patch

Buy a Oui Oui Patch

Oui Oui Patch offers your dog a safe area to do their business, at all times. The combined scent of freshly harvested soil and grass are intuitive triggers for dogs' potty instincts. This means that half of the hassle of training is already done for you, and they will know that this is the correct area on which to do their poop and piddle - on the patch! 

If the patch is able to be kept in an area that you dog can access throughout their day, we guarantee that you will be faced with fewer unwanted gifts on your carpets! WINNING!


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