Keeping up with Zoomies and Zoom Calls

Puppy indoor toilet training

With a new lockdown enforced, our hopes of a social January slashed, and our general happiness not up to scratch, there are still things that we can do to keep happy such as eating healthy food, getting enough exercise and cuddles.

Dogs are exactly the same. All they need to keep their tails-a-waggin is love, foodies and walkies (but it's also REALLY cold outside, and I don't know about you, but two walks a day in minus temperatures is a big ask). But as most dog owners know, most pups get the Zoomies, regardless of the weather or government guid-lines.

Puppy indoor toilet training


Also known as frenetic random activity periods, or FRAP, zoomies are an energy burst your dog just can’t contain. In what seems to be equal parts joy and pent-up energy, this dog behaviour is known to affect many different dog breeds.

While most dog owners report the zoomies happening more often in young dogs, it seems to be one of those dog behaviours that crosses all boundaries of gender, age, and breed.

Puppy indoor toilet training


Indoor digging challenge
If your dog loves to dig, you can create the opportunity indoors without all the mess. For a simple activity, pile up some hardy blankets, hide a few toys or treats inside, and let them go to town. (This is a simple variation on hide-and-seek).

Obstacle course
While your dog may not be the next agility champion, an in-home obstacle course is a fun way for the two of you to play inside. Whether you build jumps out of couch cushions or purchase some basic agility supplies like a tunnel or weave poles, working together to get through the obstacles strengthens your relationship and builds confidence.

Flirt pole
The flirt pole is basically a fishing pole for your dog. You can create something at home or purchase a flirt pole pre-made. All you really need is a stick, some string, and any kind of toy that really gets your dog fired up and ready to chase.

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