How to Toilet Train your Puppy in 7 Days!

Are you potty training your pets at home with puppy pads? There's a more natural way with Oui Oui Patch. 

Oui Oui Patch is the pee pad for dogs with a difference: it's made with real grass. It is the most instinctive and organic alternative to doggy training pads and fake grass. Real dogs deserve real grass. Period. 
Pee pads are not only very harmful for the environment, they are also very confusing for dogs as they look like many other textiles in our homes. Not to mention that unlike City Doggo's grass patch, they do not contain the necessary instinctive smells that a real grass pet potty does. So what are you waiting for? Help your dog piddle on the right patch!
The Oui Oui Patch can be used as an indoor dog toilet, or a dog potty for your balcony. This means that the patch will be easily accessible for your dog when they are unable to venture outdoors due to late nights, poor weather and incomplete vaccinations. 
By utilising dogs' natural instincts to urinate on grass with consistent and positive training methods, your dog can be potty trained in a matter of days. This means that with our grass patch, half the work is already done. All that remains is help from pawrents. With plastic pee pads, a lot more effort is required for your pup to learn, therefore by purchasing a Oui Oui Patch, your dog will know which substrate is meant for potty breaks! 

Here are our Top Tips:


  • Firstly, make sure your puppy can only access the Oui Oui Patch under your supervision. Perhaps by closing the door the balcony or cordoning it off. Then when it’s time for their toileting, bring them to the Oui Oui Patch.
  • Try to encourage your pet to start a routine by placing them on the Oui Oui Patch in the morning, after meals, before bed, and so on, and use phrases such as "wee-wee", so that they start to build associations with time, sounds and location of when they should do their business. It might be necessary for you to use your FurBaby's lead to keep them on the patch.
  • We encourage that especially with new puppies, pawrents should discourage any form of play on the Oui Oui Patch. Creating the association of the patch with toileting ONLY, will discourage their need to dig or create a mess. You will also begin to identify certain cues your puppies make when they have excess energy and want to play or dig. In this case, when the dog attempts to play on the Oui Oui Patch, a stern "no" should help them learn that this is not a toy to be played with.
  • If you find that your dog is digging at the Oui Oui Patch, try to discourage this by giving them something else to play with to keep them distracted. If this doesn't seem to help, you may want to consider creating a sort of digging den out of old towels and soft textiles. This would offer your pup a safe release for their digging instincts.
  • When your puppy does their business in an undesirable location, quickly place them on or lead them to the Oui Oui Patch. Use your chosen phrase to encourage association and leave them alone with the patch for a couple of minutes. If they keep stepping off the patch, you may need to keep them on a lead. Even though they have already relieved themselves, it's important for them to associate the patch with toilet time. The more we practice this, the faster they will learn. When they eventually succeed, make sure they receive all the love you can muster.


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