How to Improve your Dog's Aim When Urinating

Urine marking in dogs

Aiming seems to be something that male dogs struggle more with than their female counter-parts. Why this is is because male dogs will more commonly lift their legs to wee. 

Why do male dogs lift their legs to wee?

There are two reasons why male dogs lift their legs to urinate: preferred stance and marking their territory. 

Dogs, as we know, are very territorial animals, and therefore will take any opportunity to mark their territory when out and about. Female and male dogs do this, but it is more common in males. 

This is why leg-lifting tends to be more common in males. They will try their best to only urinate a small amount at a time to make themselves known in the area. The higher the target, the better the mark, as this will tell other dogs that they are larger and therefore more dominant. 

But as most dog owners will know, male dogs don't always hit the mark, often causing a greater mess than their sisters. 

We have more in depth explanation on leg-lifting here. 

Can you train your dog to aim their urine?

Absolutely. A dog-trainer or patient and consistent pawrent can help their dog hit their target more successfully. The best way to do this is by using dogs' incredible sense of smell, and training them as young as possible. Puppies will learn infinitely faster than grown dogs. 

Scent Cues

Once you have purchased a leg-lifter for your Oui Oui Patch, start your training by dabbing a bit of tissue onto a used portion of their patch. You do not need to soak it, your dog's nose will pick up even the faintest trace of their urine. Rub the tissue on to the leg lifter and bring your dog to the patch. 

Once they associate this object as somewhere that has been urinated on, they will instinctively want to mark the area again, and will not associate the leg lifter as a toy. 

Verbal Cues 

Make sure, like with all training, that there is a verbal cue to your dogs' pottying. This can be "oui oui" or "go potty" or whatever you wish. This will help your dog associate the sound associated with the desired action. The more we practice this, the more successfully and quickly they will learn. 


Rewarding your dog is something I'm sure we all have no trouble doing. However, before giving your pet an edible treat, shower them with love and cuddles! This is a far better way to show your pet that they have succeeded. 



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