How often should I replace my Oui Oui Patch?

Are you considering purchasing a Oui Oui Patch but don't know how long it will last?

The Oui Oui Patch grass pet toilet will ordinarily last up to a month, however this will of course depend on multiple factors which are unique to each dog and household. 

The most popular Oui Oui Patch subscription is the weekly subscription, and is perfect for almost all scenarios.  The ideal subscription for you depends on: 

  • Frequency of use 
  • Age of your dog 
  • Breed/size of your dog
  • Patch care

Frequency of use: 

If the patch is to be used for all toileting, the patch should be replaced weekly to ensure that your pet has access to the freshest grass possible.

If the patch is only supplementary - or for the odd evening walk, you should be fine with a bi-weekly or monthly subscription.

Age of your dog:

Puppies who will be using the patch for all toileting will need a weekly subscription to make sure their grass is always as fresh as possible!

Older doggos who have trouble holding their bladder may also benefit from a weekly - biweekly subscription. 

Breed/size of your dog:

For small pets like Dachshunds, French Bulldogs and cats, we recommend replacing your Oui Oui Patch every 2 weeks.

For medium to large pets, we recommend replacing your Oui Oui Patch weekly, (this is our most popular subscription).

Monthly patches are for tiny pets or those who will be using the patch infrequently. 

 Patch care:

If your patch is opened on the day of delivery, and frequently watered after each piddle, your patch will last up to a month. For best shelf-life, make sure your pet is well hydrated, and the patch is kept out of direct rain. The rain will cause the patch to be waterlogged and will eventually cause the box to break down and the patch to smell. 


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