Alternatives to puppy pee pads

The dark side of plastic potty training products

plastic pee pads gross

If dog owners know one thing, its that potty training is NEVER a walk in the park. 
Our puppy arrives and we are told one toilet training method from friends, another from trainers, and twenty-one more from the internet.
But what is the best way to potty train new puppies?

plastic grass plastic pollution

Plastic lawn. Plastic flowers. Plastic trees. 

It's a bit like that Counting Crows song:

"They took all the trees, and put em in a tree museum
And they charged the people a dollar and a half to see them"

We pull up our lawns, because they don't look as good as they would if we maintained them, and we replace it with plastic.  We also then crave the countryside because our garden just looks like another park in Canary Wharf. Then, we lament the smell that builds up, and wonder why our dogs wont go potty there?


  • Like it or not, pieces of plastic lawn break down and contaminate our soils for centuries regardless of being recycled. Individual blades (and microplastics) of fake grass tear off and blow into planting areas or bare soil nearby (and into our water!).

  • Soil is a natural carbon store, especially with plants growing on it, slowly taking carbon from the atmosphere and putting it back into the plants and the ground. Therefore when you replace real lawn with artificial grass, the top layer of soil is removed to put down a base of hardcore and sand. Once the astro turf is in place, that’s it, that whole area stops locking carbon from the atmosphere.

  • Even a perfectly kept lawn with no weeds has a base layer of wildlife value because it’s a good home to millions of soil dwelling critters, most so microscopic we can’t see them.

    puppy pee pad choking hazard



    • If ripped up or chewed, puppy pee pads are dangerous for your dog. 
    • They are a choking hazard, and are made out of singly use plastic which will stay in your dogs stomach. 
    • Puppy pee pads take up to 500years to degrade. 
    • You can only use them once
    • Puppy pee pads are one of the leading causes of pollution by the pet industry
    • They absolutely stink and are messy to clean up!
    • They look exactly like your bathmat...

    puppy pee pads 



    Of course we are going to be biased and say that the only foolproof method to saving your carpets (and your sanity) is through our real turf Oui Oui Patches. But the truth is that we are only being honest. 

    Scent is by far the strongest sense for dogs, and therefore it is vital that this is considered when toilet training. The combined scents of soil and grass are natural triggers for dogs' toilet training instincts. Therefore, toilet training your pet to use a Oui Oui Patch is a no-brainer. 

    If you are getting a new puppy, we would highly recommend getting a weekly Oui Oui patch subscription, as it will be used for all toileting before their vaccinations.



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