Environmental enrichment for cats

Fresh air, greenery, sunshine, fresh food and water are all requirements for a healthy and naturally fulfilling lives as humans. 

We know that dogs need to be outdoors daily, not only for their toilet duties, but also to expose them to natural smells and fresh air. 

But what about cats?

Most cats in the UK live in apartments, and while we are certainly not saying that that is a problem, it's true that they need a to experience natural environments too. But of course with cats there is the added worry of them being lost, attacked by unruly dogs, or being near traffic without the control of a lead.

Many cat behaviourists believe that 90% of their clients' cats suffer from a lack of mental and physical stimulation. Of course there are many ways to stimulate your feline, but nothing works better for cats than safe outdoor play. 

Being outdoors stimulates all of your cats senses, and has proven to reduce indoor spraying which is generally caused by a lack of stimulation. 

So how can we give cats the time outdoors that they deserve without renting an entire field to yourself?

Well, our Oui Oui Patch offers the necessary exposure to natural odours and vegetation, without the cats ever having to leave their homes. 

Green bathing is something that cats need to make sure they have an enriching life, and our product offers an organic grass mat which can be used for lounging and a place to play. It solves the issue of having to come up with a myriad indoor cat enrichment ideas to make sure they are happy and healthy. 

Allowing time outdoors is one of the most enriching things you can do for your cat and Oui Oui Patch allows your kitty to feel fresh grass underneath her paws in the comfort of her own home. 

Give it a try! Your cat will love you for it. 



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