Doga, anyone?

We have made it through the first month of 2021, and while there isn't much to look forward to on weekends we should still congratulate ourselves for making it through the week! So you deserve to pour yourself that glass of vino and snuggle up with your pets! 

In terms of decreasing stress and anxiety and maintaining mental health, theres no doubt that meditation and practicing mindfulness is the best thing you can do. But fitting it into a busy schedule as a pawrent can be a bit of a challenge. Between early morning walks and preparing your pup’s meals, it can be hard to catch a break. 

What about meditating with your dog?

Seem weird? We promise, it's a thing! And it's called Doga.

Puppy indoor toilet training

When you and your meditating dog are breathing, you should “focus on each inhale and exhale and try to align your breath to be in sync with your dog’s,” explains Suzie Teitelman, the creator of Doga.

While you both might take a while to get used to, Doga is something that takes commitment and practice but can conveniently be done while relaxing on the couch together as you would normally do. Instead of the new season of Grace and Frankie, put on some relaxing music and follow the breathe pattern of your dog. 

Puppy indoor toilet training

The most important thing is to make your pup feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process. Take it day by day; it may be the case that you only breathe in unison for a few minutes on the first day, and that is okay.

It will take commitment to help get your pup to a calmer state of mind, but the benefits it will have on your fur baby will be priceless. There are guided Doga meditations on youtube, if you need help at first. 

Namaste, friends!


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