Dog Theft - How can we reduce the risk?

There are a number of things we can do to try reduce the risk of dog theft. Of course this is never ever your fault as a dog owner. Awful people will do awful things, no matter how careful we are. HOWEVER, anything that we can do to give ourselves a bit of peace of mind we think is a good idea. Here are the most important things to consider to reduce your worry:


Microchipping your dog is now a legal requirement. However, make sure that your dog's microchip information is correct, with the correct contact details so you can be contacted in any event necessary. You can update your dog's microchip details through your vet. 

Collars and Tags 

Make sure you have purchased a good quality collar and tag with your details engraved on to the tag. Never add the name of your dog onto their collar. A simple "Please Contact My Family" with your mobile number is more than enough. 

Take photos

It is a good idea to have up to date photographs of your dogs from all angles. This will help when they go missing, especially when reporting to the police. You might recognise your dog instantly, but having in-depth photographic evidence of their unique characteristics will help you immensely. 

Attach an alarm to your dog's collar

City Doggo is about to release our very own Dog Safety Alarms, which are super useful as they can be easily attached to your dog's lead.  

This will send out a super loud 130dmb siren, with a bright LED flashing light. This will alert anybody nearby that you are in trouble, and allow them to get help or come to your aid.  

Keep constant watch over your dog off lead

Dog thieves are often opportunists and will seize the chance to pounce if your pup is left alone. It only takes seconds, so don’t take the chance.

Stay alert when you’re out walking

It's never a good idea to go our walking on your own at night - this will not only put you in danger but also your dog. Make sure you also switch your routine up as much as possible. Try mixing your routines and walkies time so you’re not walking in the same places at the same time each day.

Also, make sure you’re not always walking your dog alone, and be wary of strangers approaching you and asking lots of questions about your dog. 

Make sure alarm is charged!

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